Hey Change Maker,

We can’t pour from an empty cup – and as the saying goes – we’ve got to put on our oxygen mask first. Otherwise, we’ll burn out. I’m here to help you be the best version of you, peacefully, through inner work, healing, holistic wellbeing and purpose. So that you can help without burnout.

I’ve been on my own journey from an identity crisis when I lost my international fashion modelling career because I couldn’t walk, to bedridden to finding my purpose and coming out the other end. I’ve grown through some major traumatic events, which sparked serious inner work and healing and I’m sharing how I did that with you, as well as helping you be the best version of yourself, and walking authentically in your purpose.

Psst… Perfection doesn’t exist, please don’t be paralysed by that myth – do whatever your best is for now, then do better when you know better, the world needs your MESSage. + Confidence comes after you do the thing.

On my blog you’ll find some social psychology stuff that maaay ruffle some feathers, too. Sorry not sorry 🙂

Love Kim 💚