About Me


I home educate because I believe that if we all get to follow our true purpose in life it would solve a lot of society’s issues. I don’t agree with the one size fits all approach of traditional schooling at all and I don’t like how schools operate with punishment and reward etc. 

Fun fact: I actually started teacher training in Scotland but I dropped out to travel the world modelling because I just couldn’t bring myself to impose all the rigid rules and standardised one size -does not- fit all curriculum/testing on young impressionable people who looked up to me for guidance. 


As you can probably tell, I’m super passionate about finding your purpose in life and living your purpose. Many of us get to a point in our adult life where we have a sort of identity crisis (or awakening, depending on how you look at it), where we’ve been living a life that isn’t ours. A life of “shoulds”. 

In an ideal world, we would never have been conditioned out of our true soul purpose. We would have been supported to do what lights us up for a living. We would have been encouraged to be our true authentic selves. 

Unfortunately, “they” don’t really see the benefits… YET. I’m an optimist, the world is changing, they’ll catch up 🙃

Since we didn’t get that opportunity, many of us reach our mid-twenties/30’s/40’s and have an “identity crisis” or we start “awakening”. 

I’ve been through that myself and I know the healing power of finding your purpose in life (I healed “chronic” pain when doctors said I wouldn’t walk without crutches again, living my purpose and the inner work that came with that was a HUGE part of that healing). 

I share resources that helped me find my purpose in life and heal those wounds that had manifested themselves as a mysterious “chronic illness”.


Energy work/EFT therapy has been a big part of my wellbeing journey. It’s interesting that some people demonise it (maybe they’re just scared?) but it’s literally just working with your body’s own energy points and your body’s own ability to heal. I share my EFT Tapping videos including EFT Tapping For Anxiety, Good Health and Manifesting Amazing Things as well as tips.


We are a world-schooling family. This means we travel and homeschool at the same time. The world is a big place and there is so much power in learning from other cultures and seeing places for yourself rather than just reading about it in books or watching a documentary about it in class. We lived in Spain until 2020 where we got to learn Spanish through immersion. I share my tips for travelling with kids, recommendations for places to go and what to do there (educational things and “fun” things… but learning is fun, so all fun things 😃).


I love food. We’re a biiiig foodie family. I don’t, however, love cooking it… So if there’s a hack to make the most delicious and healthy (ish) meals then you bet I’ve tried it! And I’ve reported back to you here with my findings, with my quick healthy recipes.

Looking forward to sharing this awesome adventure with you!

Love Kim ✨🌸💫🦋✌️