10 Best Lactation Supplements To Increase Milk Supply Fast from a Mom who breasted her babies

Best Lactation Supplements To Increase Milk Supply Fast

In this article, I’ve ranked the best lactation supplements to help boost milk supply from 1-10, from my personal experience and opinion as a breastfeeding Mom of 5+ years.

I was thankfully able to breastfeed natural term (my youngest child chose to stop breastfeeding at around 4 years and 6 months). It wasn’t without its challenges, but lactation supplements definitely helped! My story is below if you want to read it but here are the best lactation supplements that I’ve used personally to increase my milk supply and from advice I was given by my fellow natural term breastfeeding moms to increase milk supply fast:

1. Mother’s Milk Tea

At the top of my list of the best lactation supplements to increase milk supply is Mother’s Milk Tea. This tea worked best for me but, in my opinion, it tastes horrible! If you can put up with the disgusting taste, it works AMAZINGLY (I’ve heard a tip that if you mix your Mother’s Milk tea with another decaf tea it makes it taste good 💡). You can choose between a multipack of 3 and a multi-pack of 6.

And here is one single pack of the same Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk tea but with 2-hour delivery – https://amzn.to/3t613Tn – perfect for when you need it urgently.

2. Mother’s Milk Tea #2

This is the tea I moved on to later on in my breastfeeding journey. It tastes better, in my opinion, but I didn’t feel like it increased my milk supply as much as the other one did.

3. Best Lactation Supplements Pills

These lactation supplement pills have always been popular for increasing milk supply in the natural term breastfeeding Mom groups I am in because there’s not really a taste and they are super easy to take (for those who don’t mind pills – I’m not one of those people 🤦🏻‍♀️)

4. Lactation Supplement Cookies

They taste DELICIOUS, if we’re going to snack we may as well snack on goodness that helps increase our milk supply, right?

5. Lactation Supplements Smoothie Powder

Many Mama’s already make smoothies, so you can pop this in your everyday smoothie to increase your milk supply. Easy peasy 🙂

6. Best Organic Lactation Supplement Pills

If you follow an organic diet then these organic lactation supplements are for you 🙂

7. Ready-made Lactation Smoothie

The EASE of use is just 😍 It is a bit pricey but let’s be real… some days we have just about enough energy to breastfeed, everything else has to wait. This lactation smoothie is great at increasing milk supply in combination with the other lactation supplements listed.

8. Lactation Increasing Crisps

Another yummy good for you, good for baby, snack for increasing milk supply 🙂

9. Milk Supply Increasing Cashew balls

Organic whole food energy balls are such amazing invention for busy breastfeeding Mom’s who are organic lovers.

10. Electrolytes and Lactation Increasing soda

This berry flavour breastmilk increasing drink is a great alternative to unhealthy sodas and juices.

Hospital argued with me that I wasn’t feeding my baby and tried to push formula… Here’s why I used the best lactation supplements to boost my milk supply:

My second child was a lovely chilled homebirth but they were born at 37 weeks and had a low-birth-weight (5lbs 12oz) so because of their low birth weight we had to go to the hospital. At the hospital, they tried SO hard to push formula because of their low birth weight, but I was determined to continue with the plan of breastfeeding natural term so I armed myself with lactation supplements to increase my milk supply fast.

The doctors said we had to stay in the hospital for at least a week to ensure my baby was getting enough milk. Well, I wasn’t being treated well at all in the hospital and they were undermining my Mommy instincts continuously, telling me that I wasn’t feeding my baby enough, as well as trying to sneakily give my baby various immunisations that I’d said no to (I’m not anti anything, I just believe in informed choice over blindly doing whatever we’re demanded to).

I must add though, that my first child was born in a hospital but that was a top hospital in London that I’d chosen with the same birthing team as Kate Middleton and the midwives and doctors were so holistic and naturally minded that they were shocked and asked me if I was sure when I enquired about one immunisation. I’m also not against hospital births – have to say this because it’s such a touchy subject. We’ve all got to just do whatever is right for us. 🙂

So, after the last confrontation that was causing me so much anxiety, I asked to see the senior consultant (who, thankfully was lovely and wasn’t on a power trip like the other two) and I suggested my baby be tested to show that they were getting enough milk, if they weren’t I was happy to stay in the hospital. But I KNEW they were. The senior consultant agreed that it made sense not to stay in the hospital without facts.

The test was a simple and pain-free test. Low and behold, my baby’s test results were even better than some babies who weren’t born with a low birth weight! So off we went home to focus on family connection and wellbeing without power-hungry doctors who had seen me for 5 minutes a day saying they didn’t believe me that I was feeding my baby enough. And that’s why I champion lactation supplements to increase your milk supply fast 🙂

Top tip to keep that milk supply increase up: Eat oats at the same time as taking your lactation supplements to increase your milk supply fast and keep it sustainable! Porridge in the morning and porridge in the afternoon helped me greatly when I was worried about my milk supply. Of course, when it’s sustainable you can reduce your oat intake to only breakfast porridge.

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